Quick Start:

  • You are presented with a board of squares, underneath the squares there are mines (bombs) or numbers.
  • Every number represent the amount of neighbouring  mines, for example the number 2 indicates that there are exactly 2 neighbouring   mines around the number 2. “Neighbours” are the squares adjacent above, below, left, right, and all 4 diagonals.
    If you tap on a square containing a mine you lose. If you manage to rap all the squares (without tapping on any bombs) you win.
  • Long tap will mark a bomb, short tap will uncover whats hidden underneath the square (number or mine).
    Use the numbers to avoid bombs.

Detailed Instructions:

  •  Always start the level  with the green square, it has no bombs and it will ensure the best start.
  • To remove a bomb marker from a square, make a long tap again.
  • If you mark a bomb incorrectly, you will have to correct the mistake before you can win. Incorrect bomb marking doesn’t kill you, but it can lead to mistakes which do.
  • You don’t have to mark all the bombs to win; you just need to open all non-bomb squares.
  • Tapping on a square containing a mine will trigger the bomb, using defusers can stop the mine from being activated.

Options and Enhancements:

  • Area Open – If an open square has the correct number of marked neighboring bombs, click on the open square to open all remaining unopened neighbor squares all at once. If an incorrect number of neighbors are marked, or all neighbors are marked or open, clicking the square has no effect. If an incorrect neighbor is marked, this will cause instant death(.which only defuser can save you from)


  • If you are not sure what to mark you don’t have to guess you can just use booster:
  • Magent – use the Magnet to uncover whats hidden under specific tile.
  • Brush – use the Brush to uncover whats hidden under the entire row.
  • Roller – use the Roller to uncover whats hidden under the entire column.